Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ghost Town

Here's an amazing poem from James, a young student I met in Enniscorthy Vocational College last week. He wrote this in a few minutes. The kids got skills. Looking forward to getting back down and working with him and his fellow pupils soon.

Ghost Town

James, 5th Year EVC

Living in this ghost town
where half the shops around are closed down
where everyone’s just trying to be seen as hard
so you’ve lads with fifty bags sitting in hot boxed cars
the drivers stoned on a country road so they don’t see guards
where I don’t want to grow up cos ill just face pay cuts
in a place full of hate where I don’t want to wake up
cos when I do I’m surrounded by doom and gloom
where I’m left depressed in my room growing up too soon
surrounded by people who don’t want to work and make money
who’d rather sit at home getting stoned off the states money
so when I’m sitting in class listening to the teacher call the roll
all I can think about is the future will I draw the dole
or will I get a job and end up working for less
than the people who sit at home and expect to get the best
of what money can buy big house nice clothes flat screen telly with sky
even though they sit at home and they don’t even try
sometimes I want to get away
there’s always lemonhaze but there has to be a better way
wish I could go back to that simpler place I miss the old ways
back when I was easily amazed playing grand theft auto san andreas
when I used to listen to Eminem curtain call and all his old stuff
looking out at the big kids I couldn’t wait to be grown up
but now that I am all I do is smoke grams like its Amsterdam
and drink cans tell myself it’s the social side
but I just miss the innocence and all the hope that died
the hope about the future that I used to have
it’s sad you don’t know what you have till it’s something that you once had 

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