Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Mate Rayser is going to see Beckham!! Thats a good thing right?

Here's my mate rayser latest post from the states - i must admit i'm envious of the latest opportunity living in america has presented his dirty culchie arse!! Bits in square brackets are mine..

We are going to see David Beckham play on Saturday. As many of you may know Beckham is a big name soccer [duh!] (football) [ha way to patronise the yankees Ray] player who has now moved to L.A. Galaxy, and on Saturday thay will play Red Bulls New York. We are going to the game at Giants Stadium. A game that is expected to draw over 60,000 to the game. For this game and with Beckham expected to play the attendance will have risen by 40,000. [i cannot get over this!! Truly the beckham brand is boundless!] of the Such is the draw of Beckham that he is doubling attendances wherever he is playing. Beckham seems to be regaining his fitness and he scored from his first free kick not only of the night but the first of his career with his new club. Landon Donovan the present team captain has handed the captaincy to Beckham [more like just short of torn from his cold dead hands!!] and also in the last game Donovan scored off an assist from Beckham.
So today we will go to the pool for a couple of hours and then come back and get prepared to go to the game leaving around 4pm. The game starts at 7.30 here and it would be good to get there early. Its a 90 minute journey to the stadium but its guaranteed to be busy....more news later.

and there you have it - Rayser living it large!! [and forgetting that he's an arsenal fan!]

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