Friday, February 06, 2009

Platform one

Platform One, a new open writers forum, with the help of Tallaght Community Arts (that's their logo above) will have an open reading performance session this coming Saturday.
There'll be music, poetry and short stories from a wide range of local writers. The forum aims to provide a walk-in one-stop space for reading, sharing work and exhanging ideas amongst writers and other artists.
I'll be reading a few things myself on the night. You should try and get along. It's part of the open day at Tallaght Arts Centre, a 'New state of the Ort' facility right at the end of the Luas line.
You'll get to have a look at the whole space if you drop by. Just don't write curses on the toilet doors.
It's an hour long event - starts at 7, finishes at 8.
For anyone wondering what's happened to the Posted Poetry project, it's ongoing. Some people have been sent poems, but more people are still to get theirs. I'm working on it peeps.
And for those of you asking whether I ever found the fat girl from the Luas again, I did. I will post the rest of my despicable tale here over the weekend.

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Emerging Writer said...

don't think I can make it. have to taxi daughter. WIll check times