Monday, May 11, 2009

Nighthawks at the Cobalt May 2009

Tis time for the ol' Nighthawks lineup, so much anticipated that people have been queuing up outside my blog for weeks.

It's a really strong Lineup, one of the best. Stephen James smith won the Cuirt Poetry Slam a coupla weeks back and the Ambience Affair are one of the coolest, newest bands around. Check em both out on myspace.

And Ronan O Snodaigh of Kila fame, nuff said.

Twill be packed for sure so get your tickets early.

Over to Stephen Kennedy. Funny what he says about me - the lock up your pets refers to the punisment I dish out to Racist Dogs, I hope.

Nighthawks at the Cobalt
Saturday, 30th May, 2009
Cobalt Cafe
16 North Great Georges Street
Dublin 1

Ronan O'Snodaigh

What can you say about a force of nature like Ronan O'Snodaigh? Where do you even begin? Right. Here goes... Ronan O'Snodaigh is a musician, a poet and a vocalist. He is known throughout the land (and well beyond) as the charismatic front man with KILA - and he has played with everyone from Dead Can Dance to The Frames. Ronan has also found time to release a fine collection of solo albums in recent years, and it really is a huge honour to welcome him to Nighthawks at the Cobalt. This is one performance you won't forget!

The Ambience Affair

The Ambience Affair consists of Jamie Clarke and Marc Gallagher - and, quite simply, they are brilliant. Brilliant!!! They will be playing songs from their new EP Fragile Things on May 30th - and we can't wait to hear them. They are brilliant!!!

Stephen James Smith

In the hallowed words of Jinx Lennon - "Stephen James Smith is a ball of hydrogen gas that should be pumped into every household across the land. He knocks seven shades of shite out of all the usual nonsense you find at poetry readings." And Jinx is telling the truth. Stephen James Smith will wake you up - forever! Stephen's forthcoming book Pretending to be Happy? will be published by Maverick Press.

Jade Strings

Jade Strings are Helene Hutchinson (soprano), Aisling Ennis (harp) and Jenny Dowdall (cello). They play an exciting mix of classical, folk and opera - and this is one act not to be missed. This is the touch of class that we've been waiting for.

Graham Dowling

Graham Dowling insists that he is completely unsuited to stand-up comedy, despite the fact that he is a former finalist in the prestigious Bulmers Comedy Competition. In fairness to the man, he has genuinely tried to quit comedy many times, but feckers like us just keep dragging him out of retirement for 'one last job'. So please, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Graham's last ever gig (again)...

Karl Parkinson

Karl Parkinson is a Dublin poet who has been published in various magazines - including Revival and Baby Beef Heart - and he has also appeared on Balcony TV a number of times. Karl has quickly built up an excellent reputation for his open mic performances around Dublin, and he is sure to make a big impression at the Cobalt.

Cathal Kerr

Cathal is a funny and insightful stand-up comedian. His understated style will initially fool you into thinking that he is "almost quite normal". However, give it about twelve seconds and the cracks will definitely start to show. Definitely...

Colm Keegan

Colm Keegan is a poet, a short story writer, a screenwriter and a novelist. He is also the seventh son of a seventh son and plays a mean symphony on the spoons. When he read his poetry at Nighthawks in February the place "went bananas". We expect more of the same on May 30th. Batten down the hatches and lock up your pets!

Angry Norman

(RANT #5)

Angry Norman continues his quest to explain to the world what exactly it is that really annoys the arse off him.

Tickets are on sale from CITY DISCS in Temple Bar (beside the Button Factory's Wall of Fame). Tel. 01 6330066. Price 12.50 Euro. Capacity is limited, so please buy your tickets early in order to avoid disappointment. Doors open at 7.45pm. Strictly no admission after 8.10pm. Show ends just after 11pm. Bar available.

Contact us at:

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Meadow said...

Can't wait.

But I'm not sure if I should bring tomatoes or lettuce to throw at you. Which would you prefer?

Uiscebot said...

A head of Cabbage would be nice

Meadow said...

No problem.

I'll stick a leaf in the drink I'll buy you after your reading.