Friday, October 02, 2009

The Poetry Show

Janey I'm all over the radio with the literary sashizzle these days it seems.

Here's a podcast of my last outing if you could be bothered.

click here to download

'A discussion on poetry and its relevance between Cuirt poetry slam winner Stephen-James Smith and Henessy award short listed poet and writer Colm Keegan - both local writers.'

I challenge you not to laugh at the shocking poetry 'call to arms' that I attempt at the end. My poems came across well though.

I got to see District on my third attempt last night. Fucking Brilliant. Every politically savvie nethead manga nerd's kung-fu dream come true. Deadly effects, brilliant story, action, robots, guns, Nigerians, shakey cams and refugee aliens addicted to catfood.

Get along to this on Sunday if you still have a life and think girls should be allowed away from the kitchen sink and that.

Seriously though - it's for a very worthy cause. A lot of girls around the world don't get half the chances their male peers do.

And Niamh Bagnell (AKA Variouscushions) will be reading her wonderful poetry, she's the funniest poet I know.

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Loved the chat between yourself and Stephen - v natural, v interesting. Ye covered a lot of ground. Thanks for my plug! Loved your poems. Well done. It's hard going on radio, I think, and you came across great. What did your daughter think of hearing the poem about her?

Liz said...

Cool show, great mix - enjoyed it.

ArtSparker said...

Yup. What got me though was the quietness - I've never seen a quiet action film before - not that there weren't lots of crunchy noises, just how it felt.

Niamh B said...

Thanks for the plug Mr, still awaiting a chance to listen to the show... lookin forward to it.
Love the artsparker pic - brilliant...
talented feckeen

Niamh B said...

Just listened to it there, very entertaining show, and liked the call to poetry arms - can't be said often enough. Thanks too for the link to that mediafire site, podcast problem with Scrap Sunday finally solved!

Rachel Fox said...

Really enjoyed the radio programme.

Uiscebot said...

Nuala, lil Becky just gave me a 'why I oughta' glare.

Niamh, thanks, that was the weakest call to arms ever!

Artsparker - thats a good observation about D9, it was very subtle in parts.

Thanks for listening!